Dental Services

Comprehensive Dental Services
Our office provides all phases of family dentistry including:

Preventive Dentistry
Individualized intervals of professional cleanings and exams, digital x-rays, fluoride treatments, and therapeutic agents

Restorative Dentistry
Tooth-colored bonded fillings, porcelain and zirconia restorations

Cosmetic Dentistry
Porcelain veneers and comoposite bonding, teeth whitening, minor orthodontic treatment

Laser Dentistry
Treatment of periodontal disease, removal of soft tissue lesions, and contouring  of the gum tissue

Root canal therapy utilizing NiTi rotary files, warm vertical obturation

All porcelain and zirconia crowns and bridges, full and partial dentures, and implant restorations

Oral Surgery
Tooth removal, biopsy and minor surgical procedures

Treatment of the tissues (gums) that support the teeth
Root planing and scaling, laser treatment, and antibiotic therapy

Pediatric Dentistry
Children’s dentistry

Conservative TMJ Therapy
Diagnosis and treatment of bite problems and related temporomandibular joint and facial muscle pain

Oral and Nitrous Oxide Sedation

We use digital x-ray and intraoral cameras for thorough diagnosis.  Ultrasonic scalers and prophy jet allow more efficient and comfortable cleanings. 

We will refer you to the appropriate specialist when necessary.

Welcome to our practice and thank you for selecting us to provide your dental care.